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Smart Home Automation: An Interconnected Home

At BVM Infotech, we’re experts in creating bespoke home automation systems that are perfect for your individual needs. Whether you’ve always wanted spaceship-style control panels on the walls or you prefer to manage your home from your phone, we can mastermind a solution that complements your lifestyle. No need to poke even a foot outside the warmth of your bed to check you turned the heating off; no uncertainty about who’s knocking at the front door; no more lights left on when no one’s in the room; and no more sitting in your hotel room 2,000 miles away from home worrying that you left the back door unlocked.

Your wish is our command

bespoke home automation system will be the brains of your home – the central nervous system, allowing you complete control over all aspects of your smart home environment at the push of a button. We use state-of-the-art home control systems like Crestron and Control4 to create simple, intuitive smart home systems that are a pleasure to use.