CCTV CAMERAS - Utilizing the CCTV Cameras to the best of its Capability, is one of our key feature. We provide Smart Security Solutions in which the CCTV Cameras are integrated to smart devices, thereby increasing it’s value. Security Cameras that can be viewed from your phone or your pad.We provide variety of branded CCTV Cameras

ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM - Access Control Systems can be stand alone or PC based, with proximity and SmartCard / MiFare readers. Over the years, we have installed a variety of Access Control Systems from single door to multi door, major systems such as Hospitals, Colleges, Schools, Corporate Offices ,Police Stations. The recording of transactions through doors, gates, turnstiles or elevators is easily accomplished. Bio-Metric System like palm-reader/Fingerprint readerIris reader.

Complete installation, repair and maintenance service is provided. AMC is also provided to corporates, schools, colleges on request please ask the sales team to get best price and quotation.

  • • CCTV Camera
  • • Video Surveillance, Monitoring & Recording System
  • • Access control devices
  • • Biometric devices
  • • Time & Attendance
  • • Fire Alarm